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Check out the video on Graduated Drivers Licensing for Michigan Teens 

Successful Completion:

  • Once the student driver successfully completes all elements of the course they will become eligible to obtain a Level One Drivers License (a learners permit) from the Michigan Secutary of State. 


  • -- The level one license allows the teen driver to drive as long as they have a licensed adult over the age of 21 with them.
  • -- Teen drivers must have this level one license for a total of 90 days before they can take the Segment 2 training course. 
  • -- Teen drivers cannot move on to a level 2 drivers license until they have held their level one license for 6 months and completed segment 2, and pass a road test.
  • -- Teens must also be at least 16 years old to obtain the level 2 license.  

 Behind the Wheel  training video!

In this video we show you an example of the driving sessions for segment one

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​​Segment one requirements: 

  • Student must be at least 14 and 8 months old to take the class. 

  • ​​Student must have parent/guardian permission.

  • Parent/guardian must attend class session one (Course Orientation) 

  • Must bring birth certificate to class orientation. 

​Course Content: 

  • 12 classroom sessions (4 weeks)

  • ​​​​​-- Class days: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday from 7pm-9pm
    • ​Note* Class days are subject to change.
    • ​Students must attend all classroom sessions to pass the course. 


  • 6 behind the wheel driving sessions

  • -- In addition to class sessions students will attend 

            6 behind the wheel driving sessions consisting of

            a combination of driving and observation time.

  • -- Driving sessions will be scheduled by appointment. 
  • -- Driving sessions are offered 7 days a week!. 

  • Pass an 80 question multiple choice exam
​        at the end of the course.  


  • Total Segment one cost is $330.00 students

        can start the class with as little as $100,00 

          due on or before the class start date.

          Any remaining balance is due no later than

         14 days after the class starts. 

  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Cash,

​          and Money Orders. No personal checks.​